May 26, 2017

How to Budget for Home Maintenance

It’s the American Dream – owning your own home…  you scrimp and save, pay off debts, clean up your credit, maybe even tighten the belt and do without for a bit… and you  save, save, save….  finally, with finances in order and pre-approval in hand the dream starts to feel like a possibility.  Shopping can be fun — the dream is coming in to focus…  maybe a few sleepless nights during the negotiations…  and then, there you are!  A real life, bona fide American Dream living homeowner!!! Time goes by and then one day it hits you.  You’ve been living […]
March 21, 2017

Don’t Forget to Check out the Inside!

Winter, thankfully, is ending.  How did you fare?  We were mostly lucky, our weather was fairly mild this go ’round.  A mild winter is not a hall pass to skip your maintenance checks and move on to Spring.  This transitioning season is still a great trigger to check on your property’s preventative maintenance needs…  Mostly preventative maintenance focuses (as it implies) on preventing more extreme maintenance. While many of our home’s structural elements are easiest to inspect from the outside; here are a few vital interior items to keep in mind as we shift into Spring… A/C, HVAC —  now’s a great […]