We have had many clients who have spent $1000’s on major repairs that could have been prevented with some regular maintenance. A few examples - roof and window leaks, plumbing leaks, tree trimming, flashing and gutter leaks/issues, foundation drainage, etc. Routine maintenance is a necessity, it is NOT optional. Furthermore, it is a minor investment to protect the largest investment you will ever make. Each time you postpone a maintenance task, you are rolling the dice with your homes’, aesthetic integrity and it's value.

The Preventative Maintenance Plan was started in 2012 to save our clients’ money, headaches and time. You will receive a thorough home evaluation by one of our specialists - which includes all interior and exterior sections of the home. Then, we will meet with you to discuss our findings, your options and pricing for necessary repairs. Depending on the plan you choose, we will return for a checkup after 3 or 6 months, some plans come with time allotted for general maintenance tasks to be performed. You will also receive our Emergency call hot-line phone number - with a guaranteed response time. All plan memberships include a free emergency call trip charge, emergency hot-line phone number, priority estimating and scheduling, free pest control inspection, as well as, the best referral partner pricing we can offer. Most plan memberships include a rate freeze on plans and hourly work at current rates.

Our objective is to make smaller, less expensive repairs before they become much more costly. About 2 years ago we installed a few ceiling fans for a client. While we were there, we noticed the front door trim was in need of caulk and paint, so we explained the importance of repairing that issue, which she declined having us do it at the time. Two years later she called us for a leak in her basement ceiling. As I approached the door I could see the door frame had gotten much worse since our last visit, it was clearly rotting at this point. We went to the basement and she showed me the spot on the ceiling--- which was directly below the front door! Two years ago it was a $75 fix-- caulk and paint. Currently, she has to have mold remediation ($$$), replace the door unit, hardwood flooring under and around the door (as well as carpet in the basement), replace the band board and sill plate, floor joists, insulation, and drywall on the ceiling and wall, then everything will have to be painted to match… final cost---$7,395. Nearly 10x the cost of the repair should she have done it in a timely manner as mentioned to her. No blue chip stock pays those dividends