Why choose A+

Why choose A+ handyman as your handyman of choice?

“Aren’t there cheaper alternatives?”

There are probably over a couple hundred people in our area offering services that can at least on one area compete with us. We know for example of 60 different people willing to paint.

So the answer is ‘yes, you can probably find someone that claims they are willing to do the job for less money’

So you have to ask yourself, ‘In order to pay a bit less, am I willing to

  • Take the risk that the job will be done incomplete or not at all?
  • Take the risk to work with someone who will charge you extra if you need to call them back because you don’t like the quality of the end product?
  • Take the inconvenience to not be able to reach them most of the time?
  • Take the risk to deal with un-licensed people which means you will not have protection of the law or at one day in the future be confronted with the consequences of an illegal construction?
  • Take the risk with under-insured people who can sue you for their medical bills if something happens with them at your property?
  • Take the risk to deal with someone who is good at one thing, but mediocre at another?

This is an example of a job where we called in to take over.

How it looked once A+ was done

Watch out for the old saying ‘You get what you pay for’

“A+” stands for quality and the risks being on us, not you.  We have a local store front location and intend to be here for a long time, so our reputation is everything.

That being said, if you do want to save a significant amount of money on your home maintenance in the long run, then consider our Preventative Maintenance Plan.

Not only do you get lower rates from us, we will fix things before they become expensive to fix.

But of course, still with our seal of A+ quality.