Don’t be shocked by spending well over $200 an hour on an electrician when our basic rate is $150 an hour, for a licensed electrician. With even lower rates for minor electrical work such as fixture swaps. Our services include new lighting and outlets, ceiling fan installation, GFI outlets, exterior, and security lighting, replacing light fixtures, dimmer switches, recessed lighting, and much more.  Whether you are looking to add a ceiling fan or upgrade your homes lighting to more energy efficient fixtures and bulbs.  A+ Handyman can empower you to help your home reach its full electrical potential without sticker shock.

Tip: Electrical work should be done by a licensed contractor, unless you have ample electrical skills please do not attempt electrical repairs on your own.

Some Examples of Our Electrical Remodel Projects

Not to code Electrical

Our goal is to make your house safe, way to many times we ran across electrical work that is not up to code like this situation.  This is a potential fire hazard and our customers will now sleep well at night.

Electrical work done to code

Ceiling fan wiring

Whether you have a current ceiling fan or a whole in your ceiling for one we can install one for you.

Electrical ceiling fan installed and working

Electrical wiring of junction box

At A+ Handyman we follow all building codes. Our electrical work will meet all standards.

Electrical wiring of junction box