Easier to Ask a Dumb Question than Fix a Dumb Mistake

Recent reports indicate that the age of information may have given rise to mishaps relating to repairs in the home.

The perfect storm of entertainment, the interwebs, economic concerns and accessibility is making it easier to try to take on tasks for yourself. But beware, reports of injuries to diy-ers is on the rise!

Avoid common DIY mistakes and injuries by always taking precautions. Wear protective eye glasses when you’re working with tools or harsh chemicals. Wear gloves when cleaning or working with landscaping tools. Keep proper footwear on your feet when DIYing and using tools. Keep kids and pets away from all work areas because they could become hurt or cause distractions that could in turn lead to you becoming hurt.


Ladders, hand tools, table tools and knives are the leading culprits of tool-related injuries.  While taking on more than you are prepared to handle, yard work and cleaning lead are among the most likely ways to find yourself in harm’s way around the house.

Approaching each task with caution, being aware of the potential pitfalls and taking action to avoid them is the best practice.  Sadly, internet scams have found yet another way in to our homes and wallets.  In an age when money transfers more easily and virtually than ever, the scammers too are diversifying.  Smaller, sneakier attacks are on the rise.  Vacant real estate listings and contractors are being targeted as well.

Need a helping hand?  Look for contractor’s who are locally licensed, insured and bonded with a good reputation.  Not sure where and when to draw the line for safety’s sake?  Here’s an article from Home and Garden that can help…  http://home.howstuffworks.com/home-improvement/household-safety/tips/5-home-repairs-you-should-never-do-yourself.htm