Finishing a basement?  Adding a closet?  Repairing water damage or patching a hole?  Textured ceiling repair?  Our drywall experts can hang and finish any wall or ceiling to prepare them for painting.  Poorly installed and finished drywall can be an eye sore and be costly down the road to repair.  Drywall is a project left to the pro’s to do right the first time.  Proper finishing of drywall is an art, we take pride in displaying our artistry on any wall or ceiling.

Tip: Hanging drywall is fairly inexpensive but one of those jobs that is left to the pro’s.  The better the drywall is hung the easier it is the finish, which is an art in and of itself.  Good looking walls and ceilings are dependent on a good finisher.

Some examples of our drywall remodel projects

Commercial Drywall Install

When we started this project this building was down to the bare bones, only the exterior walls and roof was where we began.  We installed all of the framing, electrical, drywall, plumbing, doors, trim, paint and installed a drop ceiling with acoustical tiles.

Commercial Drywall complete and painted

Frame work complete ready for drywall

Bare bones basement framed insulated, electrical, plumbing, drywall – full basement renovation.  Completed in 4 weeks.

Drywall hung, first coat of paint done. Ceiling installed, near completion.​

Unfinished garage insulated ready for drywall

This client had an unfinished garage and contracted us to install the insulation, drywall and finish it ready for paint.  We actually did one step better and gave them a primer coat of paint.

Garage finished ready for paint