Living Lean & Clean in ’17

Practice Purging, Organizing and Cleaning via Schedules

 Living in 2017 can be lean and clean if you purge what is no longer valuable and useful; organize what you need and want; then keep it all clean, clean, clean.  Sound overwhelming?  It needn’t be – we’ve got resources!

We recommend getting rid of all that you can first – haven’t used it, haven’t worn it?  Probably don’t need it.  Would you buy it now?  If not, don’t keep it.  If you don’t like to waste and things still have a lot of life left in them – donate, upcycle or sell them.  Earlier generations held on to things as a matter of necessity and practicality.  While frugal and often handy – the habit of holding on to things “just in case” can eventually take over one’s space and impact lifestyle.  If you are not already living as a minimalist 😉  this may seem like a daunting task.

Make a schedule and take it one step at a time.  Reserve a spot on your schedule, dedicate a set amount of time to this task; or make a goal such as one bag a week.  Ask yourself, what is your most overwhelming excess?  A particularly cluttered room, closet or drawer?  Classify/organize as you go…  Toss, Sell, Donate or Keep.  We all know clutter does not just occur over-night – start with the worst offender!

Once there is less to deal with organizing and maintaining/cleaning should be all the easier.

Some of the most successful methods or routines for cleaning, organizing and purging involve developing good habits.  One of the easiest ways we’ve found to do this is to create and follow a default calendar or schedule.  We can’t get anything done worrying about everything all the time; so we set a schedule — write it down, put it on your calendar on your phone – set a reminder – make a commitment.  If we do a little one evening every week or commit to every weekend, or even one weekend every month there’s be progress in no time at all…  just keep at it!

There are tons of ready-made organizational solutions, or consider customizing something to your space, taste and budget.  The options are many.  If you need a helping hand, just give us a call!  540-550-2856.

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